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  • North Shore Rug Cleaning

  • Finding Rug Cleaning in North Shore that is going to be an honest and dependable service can be rather difficult. Rug Cleaners in North Shore should be only the most highly trained professionals, in order to clean your rugs properly and efficiently. What most other companies here in North Shore don’t understand is that cleaning a rug is a lot different than cleaning carpet, luckily for you we are aware of the steps and precautions you have to take to ensure a complete cleaning service.

    Our team of highly trained rug cleaners here at North Shore Carpet Cleaning, have been educated and trained on how to clean some of the most delicate materials and rugs that have been made from all over the world. It is a service that any respectable company like ourselves must have in order to properly serve you to the best of our ability, and we take great pride in that.

    In short, don’t trust just anyone to clean your rugs.

    Special type of Rug Cleaning North Shore Services

    North Shore Persian Rug Cleaning

    Persian Rugs are some of the most commonly found rugs in the world today, and we know that here in North Shore Sydney is no different. These rugs are handcrafted to perfection with some of the softest fabrics, and needs to be handled and cleaned with that in mind. We apply a softer cleaning method to these rugs, to give it a fully restored look while maintaining its overall quality.

    North Shore Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Oriental Rug Cleaning is one that requires attention to detail and gentle handling. We understand that your oriental rug is the perfect accent to your room, and that you took time and care into purchasing that beautiful piece of material, and we want to do the same when we clean it. Our expert rug cleaners know how to gently, lift out any stains or dirt that you may have built up, leaving behind a rug that looks brand new, still full of color and character.

    Do you have another type of rug to be cleaned? Not a problem, send us an email request or call our customer service line, and we will be happy to do our best to assist you with any rug you may require service to. We may need to take your rug back to our St Ives work place and clean it there and return the rug when it is dry.