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  • About Spotless Carpet Cleaning Company

  • We are Spotless Carpet Cleaning the leading North Shore Carpet Cleaning Company Services, located in the beautiful St Ives on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia!

    We offer you the most professional and high quality grade cleaning services that range from your common carpet cleaning to restoring your boats upholstery.

    We provide you with service when you need it the most, with a customer service line that is always there to answer your needs. Our professionals quote each job individually as we know how specific everyone needs.

    By doing this North Shore Carpet Cleaning Services is standing by their services with honesty and integrity. They don’t believe in over-bidding your service or suggest an additional un-need one. We give you a thorough walk through of what we do at the time of each service request call.

    Try Spotless Carpet Cleaning Company

    Once on site, Spotless Carpet Cleaning will do an in person over look of the job, looking everything with our experienced set of eyes to help you catch some things you might have missed. We will show you what we find, and what we can do to fix it. Too many other cleaning companies try to offer you too much, and we just don’t believe it overloading you with so much information that you just say “yes”.

    Spotless Carpet Cleaning works on educating our clients, and showing them what we do not just by the end near perfect results we create, but by explaining our process step by step, what applications we are going to use, what we need to move out of our way, what amount of time it is going to take, and other services of that nature. Spotless Carpet Cleaning wants to make sure that you are a part of our team when we come to your home or business, because in that way we can build a foundation of trust with you, and ensure that your satisfaction is being not only met but exceeded in any aspect that we deem possible.

    Spotless Carpet Cleaning goal and mission are to be the number one North Shore Carpet Cleaning service in Sydney, Australia. We have our goals set so high so that we are constantly striving, and constantly trying to improve our performance and quality of work, as well as our client base.

    Our Mission
    “To supply dependable carpet cleaning services in North Shore, at a affordable rate, with the highest integrity for customer satisfaction”